Merry Christmas Season & Happy 2014!

by beth on December 31, 2013

Merry Christ­mas! It may seem late, but given we cel­e­brate accord­ing to the Catholic cal­en­dar in my fam­ily it is still Christ­mas at our house and apro­pos. Also, after a long and reflec­tive Advent I know I have enjoyed the start of Christ­mas and am look­ing to enjoy the New Year that is almost upon us. As I look around me, I can­not wait for 2014.

I have decided that it is time to shed some of the old and embrace a few new things. I love that each new sea­son brings the chance for change, a chance to see what is good and make adjust­ments to what may be less so. As such I am wrap­ping up 2013 real­iz­ing how blessed I am in the every­day moments of life with my hus­band, chil­dren, other fam­ily and friends. Even as I have spent the day car­ing for a sick tod­dler, I am blessed and grate­ful for every day while look­ing for­ward to new adventures.



Here’s to 2014 being fab!



Happy Thanksgiving!

by beth on November 28, 2013

I woke up at the begin­ning of the month feel­ing like “Oh Noes!! It’s Novem­ber already! Ack! Time to panic about every­thing!!” Then I stopped, I caught my breath and I real­ized it is ok. I have life to focus on and it is ok that the time is going by! It means I’m liv­ing the moments.

And so today as I curl up with my cof­fee, watch­ing a morn­ing movie with the kids and lis­ten­ing to Mike make break­fast with the sounds of sausage siz­zling in the back­ground I am so thank­ful. Not for the time I don’t have but the time I do have…

Today I am::
Thank­ful for time that goes to fast
Thank­ful for a hus­band and chil­dren to share it with
Thank­ful for fam­ily and friends to laugh with
Thank­ful for my faith
Thank­ful for my work, home and the lit­tle things
Thank­ful for my strug­gles as they helped to make me, well, me
Sim­ply today I am thankful

Today I feel more like this::



And So It Goes…

by beth on October 25, 2013

Some­where between the lazy days of sum­mer end­ing and the start­ing of Sep­tem­ber, a new posi­tion at a new uni­ver­sity, kids in var­i­ous activ­i­ties and me try­ing to keep my head above water on the day to day stuff Octo­ber almost passed me by. I am cur­rently long­ing for the good old days, the easy days, the days when I was fin­ish­ing grad school with four lit­tle ones in tow and work­ing all the time. That my friends was relax­ing in com­par­i­son to most of my days now. I am already look­ing for­ward to Christ­mas and the real “vaca­tion” that I may eke out for a whole 5 hours in between the hol­i­day madness.

On the plus side, I love my new posi­tion and I have been busy with projects I enjoy. Then there is the fact that the kids are all enjoy­ing school {still} and all their activ­i­ties. They have also con­tin­ued mak­ing new friend­ships while grow­ing old ones. They have all done really well over the last year and the return this year has been smooth even with the busy evenings!

While in other news, my hus­band and I cel­e­brated our anniver­sary this month as a night away down­town, alone. Yeah, that’s right alone! Yes, I’m brag­ging. And yes, it was pretty sweet. We even slept in until, like, 7:30–8:00 am and then we had room ser­vice for break­fast. We also a full con­ver­sa­tion about adult top­ics with a sin­gle inter­rup­tion of “I POOPED!” or “He’s look­ing at me!” and we sipped cof­fee leisurely while doing so, it was heav­enly. Every­one should do this at least once in life. Espe­cially the period P.C. No, not the period of polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness. The period post children.

And then it was back to the crazy sched­ules of activ­i­ties, work and life. But I guess that is how life is. It seems to go on while we are busy liv­ing it and before we know it goes and is gone.

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