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by beth on February 14, 2010

I wanted to answer the fol­low­ing ques­tion that was asked when I wrote about my blog Makeover in a sep­a­rate post. My rea­son is that I thought it was a ques­tion that many peo­ple might have when perus­ing the blo­gos­phere & one I had pre­vi­ously before find­ing out how peo­ple cre­ated a “You Might Also Like” sec­tion under their posts. Also, I love that Coryanne at house­wifeb­liss used the word snazzy. I think Mad Men is amaz­ing as well, not just because my gor­geous best friend was once on the show. (Although, I do think she should end up with a reoc­cur­ring role!)

Alright here’s the question:

02/12/2010 at 2:08 pm (Edit)

Sepia is always more flat­ter­ing than colour! I have all my pics 1960’d in pic­nic now — we all look so healthy. And I did notice all the changes, try­ing to fig­ure out myself how to do every­thing, but I am sure that your hubby is right. By the way, how do you do that snazzy ‘you might also like’.…

not sure why I keep using snazzy, per­haps I have been watch­ing to much madmen

Ok, now for the answer…I use LinkWithin to get the “You Might Also Like” if you are on Blog­ger you can cre­ate a wid­get (LinkWithin takes you through the steps) and on Word­Press there is a Plu­gin designed for this you can add it from the Plu­g­ins sec­tion of your Word­Press dashboard.

Now, go add this to your blog. It’s easy & doesn’t cre­ate a bunch of clutter.

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1 Coryanne February 14, 2010 at 12:34 pm

so very funny! And so tech savy with all those snazzy comment boxes. I will add that to my ‘I am…’ list this week. Thanks ever so much!


2 Luschka February 14, 2010 at 6:53 pm

Thank you! I’ve been looking for this option in wordpress for ages! I’ve installed it now and it works (sort of! hoping for them to help resolve one issue) but I’m happy! Thanks!


3 SB February 14, 2010 at 8:46 pm

thanks for the tips!


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