Monchichi: I Can Do Karate

by beth on September 21, 2010

The other day on a friend’s face­book page I saw that Monchichi’s are indeed back.  Again.  She had proof of one in a store, on a shelf, it was real.  That lead me to see if there were oth­ers.  And I would I be able to get a new one.

I mean not for me.

Ok, maybe for me.

But def­i­nitely for Mamacita.  I’m not sure the boys would care.  They’re on a per­ma­nent Lego/Star Wars/ Pirate kick.

How­ever, Mamacita is prime age for Monchichi time. As this one above is not my friend’s, but I found highly enter­tain­ing.  Because it’s a Monchichi as the Statue of Lib­erty. I don’t remem­ber them being so patri­otic in the 1980’s. Must of been all the neon blind­ing us.

And a bonus of the Monchichi revival is now the rhyme can make a comeback.

Any­one remem­ber the rhyme?

Come on…you know you do!

Monchichi monchichi
I can play Atari
Monchichi monchichi
I can do karate
Monchichi monchichi
Oops I’m sorry

In fact, I may or may not still do that rhyme.  I also may or may not do it when I attempt to do dou­ble dutch.  There may be laugh­ter. Pos­si­bly lots of it at my attempt to do both at the same time.

I won’t tell.

Until the video surfaces.

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1 beths_confusion September 21, 2010 at 2:16 pm

[New Post] Monchichi: I Can Do Karate – via #twitoaster


2 Melissa (Confessions of a Dr.Mom) September 21, 2010 at 4:19 pm

Oh…how I loved my Monchichi back in the day! As I recall, it’s thumb could fit in it’s mouth, nose, and ear! Wonder if they still make them that way? I may just have to get one…admittedly for me…for old times sake:)


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