Homemade Sliders: Mini-Hamburgers Recipe

by beth on March 2, 2011


Mike has a mas­sive love for the thin square mini-hamburgers on equally square mini-buns with some sliced or diced onions, usu­ally called slid­ers around here.  Slid­ers aren’t as fancy or dif­fi­cult as some chains try to make them out to be. Instead they are all the good old fash­ioned mess of a burger packed into the punch of a small square size.  Some­thing we love here & they are unbe­liev­ably sim­ple to make.

The mini-size is per­fect and not just meant for those at bars or those stum­bling home from the bar (ya know who ya are!).  But the mini-size is child friendly.  A great way to serve a burger that kids will eat all of & not waste half of.   Plus, if you have picky kids (or adults for that mat­ter) mak­ing them at home makes it easy to cus­tomize the top­pings with­out wor­ry­ing if the order is going to be cor­rect.  Sav­ing the mas­sive melt­down that hap­pens if it is wrong.  For exam­ple, the rabble-rousers here won’t eat onions on their burg­ers to save their lives & will act as if we are try­ing to kill them if an onion touches their burg­ers.  Mike & I, on the other hand, would die with­out them.

These also make a great party food…so if you are host­ing any gath­er­ings in the near future (or next’s years Super Bowl) these work perfectly.

What You Need:

2 Pounds of Qual­ity Ground Beef  80/20



24 Mini-Hamburger Buns

*Makes 24 mini-burgers.

Top­pings of your choice, for example:

Diced or Sliced Onions (Caramelize if you like)





You can mix up the top­pings as you like!

How To Put It Together:

Very sim­ple.

On to a large sheet of wax paper place your 2 pounds of meat.  Top with an equally large sheet of wax paper. Roll out your meat with a rolling pin to about 1/2 inch thick (the roller goes over the top sheet of wax paper).

After it is rolled sprin­kle with salt & pep­per. Then use a pizza cut­ter to cut the burg­ers into their mini-square burger shape.

Throw onto a flat grid­dle or reg­u­lar pan.  I DO highly rec­om­mend a grid­dle if you have one.  You can cook a ton at a time (time saver) & you can smush them down a lit­tle more on the grid­dle mak­ing them thin­ner.  Most grid­dles also have a drainage for the excess grease which makes cook­ing eas­ier. In a pan you will have to drain grease every so often.

They’ll take about 8 min­utes to cook (4 min­utes each side). This will make 24 mini-burgers in all.

After they’re done you build your burg­ers with what­ever your favorite top­pings are.

And serve with some fries, you can make these steak cut french fries into a skinny fry & serve on the side.  Good stuff!

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