Summer Vegetable Pie

by beth on July 7, 2011

I have been crav­ing veg­gies.  Like a fiend. Yes, I con­fess I am a total veg­etable fiend.  I am not even the tini­est sorry either.  So there.


In my mind noth­ing says sum­mer like a beau­ti­ful Sum­mer Veg­etable Pie filled with fresh roasted veg­gies, fresh moz­zarella & herbs in a pie crust.  It is a sim­ple meal that is the per­fect addi­tion to the day.  When I made it the other day Mike even ate 2 serv­ings & D-man kept say­ing “MORE PIE!!!” so it is a hit.

And it’s call­ing your name.

Did you hear it?


See I told you calling…calling…calling…Give in.  You know you want to.

The sim­ple ease of roasted good­ness & the fresh bite of herbs will have you at hello.  Plus, if you are a 9 month preg­nant woman hop­ing to go into labor egg­plant & oregano are sup­posed to help (sup­posed to, which means prob­a­bly not but they will taste damn good going down! And let’s be real, I will try anything).

What You Need:

1 Small-Medium Eggplant

1 Small-Medium Zucchini

1 Medium Tomato (Hot House or Heir­loom work well)

1 Small Videla Onion (or 1/2 a Medium one)

2 Springs of Fresh Oregano

2 Springs of Fresh Ital­ian Flat Leaf Parsley

2 Springs of Fresh Basil

3 Table­spoons of Olive Oil

Kosher Salt & Ground Pep­per to Taste

1/3 Cup of Ital­ian 5 Cheese (this is a mix of Asi­ago, Parme­san, Parme­san Reg­giano, Pecorino Romano & Parme­san Grana)

.25 lbs of Fresh Mozzarella

1 Pie Crust

Pre­heat Oven 350 Degrees

Feeds 5–6

How To Put It Together:

Cut all Egg­plant, Zuc­chini & Toma­toes into thin slices.  Cover in Olive Oil (use about 2 Table­spoons), Salt & Pep­per (to taste).  Place on bak­ing sheets. Cook in oven at 350 degrees for 15 min­utes.  Until roasted.


While your veg­gies roast away.  Slice up your Onion, toss into a pan on low-medium heat with Olive Oil (no more than a Table­spoon), add Salt & Pep­per (to taste), cook until translu­cent (see through).  Set aside.


Pull out veg­gies & put in your pie crust on a bak­ing sheet in the 350 degree oven for approx­i­mately 8 min­utes.  You can use a home­made pie crust or you can cheat by buy­ing a pie crust.  You could also sub­sti­tute a tart crust.  The rea­son to bake shortly before adding veg­gies is it will help the crust to hold up bet­ter under the roasted veggies.


While pie crust is bak­ing, you can cut up your fresh herbs.


Once your pie crust is out start to build your Veg­etable Pie.  On the bot­tom place your egg­plant, then add a dose of fresh herbs & some torn moz­zarella.  With the amount of moz­zarella one medium-large ball would work & you could use a bagged shred­ded ver­sion but I pre­fer the fresh moz­zarella balls, the taste & qual­ity is amaz­ing.  Next layer zuc­chini & onions, after that another dose of fresh herbs with some torn mozzarella.

Then top with your toma­toes. After this do another dose of fresh herbs with some torn moz­zarella.  And then top with your 1/3 cup of Ital­ian 5 cheese mix.  I buy this mix from my local mar­ket, if you don’t have all these cheeses in a mix you can sub­sti­tute mak­ing your own com­bi­na­tion.  I highly rec­om­mend going with fresh Parme­san & Asiago.

Put in the oven, bake (uncov­ered) for 25–35  min­utes at 350 degrees.


Let cool & then cut & serve.

I must admit this not only tastes like sum­mer but will make your entire home smell like an amaz­ing sum­mer day, fra­grant & deli­cious.  Not to men­tion it is just Really.Really.Really.Good.

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1 Amy Campbell July 7, 2011 at 10:22 am

YUMMO!!!! I love veggies…my toddlers? Not so much! I am going to attempt to serve this to them..thank you! (and hey, if they don’t eat it, MORE FOR ME!!)


2 beth July 11, 2011 at 12:15 pm

I was pleasantly surprised my toddler was so gung-ho on it, my older kids were more skeptical apparently the word “pie” doesn’t fool them as easily ;) But it was so good & definitely worth sneaking an extra piece or two!


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