Pizzelle Ice Cream Sandwiches

by beth on June 19, 2012

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It is sum­mer. It is hot and hot. And did I men­tion hot?  When it is hot out what sounds good? Ice cream!  And ice cream in all forms, like ice cream sand­wiches.  Mike loves ice cream sand­wiches. So, what is one to do when her hus­band loves ice cream sand­wiches and wants to have a spe­cial treat for him after he was gone for a few days due to a work trip?

Well, she makes Pizzelle Ice Cream Sand­wiches with her kids. And I think my kids did a great job!  Pizzelle cook­ies {to pro­nounce use the same ‘ts’ sound that is in pizza} are a great way to have an ice cream sand­wich that is lighter.  Pizzelle cook­ies {pizzella if you are only hav­ing one, but no one can ever just have one!} are tra­di­tional Ital­ian waf­fle cookie.  Think of a lighter ver­sion of a waf­fle cone, 6 pizzelle cook­ies in the pack­age I bought equal 140 calo­rie. But I only used 2 per sandwich.

Pizzelle cook­ies can also be made at home. How­ever, I do not have a pizzelle cookie maker so I buy them pre­made in your local gro­cers or Ital­ian bak­ery. I have found them in either the cookie, fresh baked goods, breads or the Ital­ian food sec­tion depend­ing on the store I am in. Also, when I make these I can con­trol the ice cream I choose to use and how much.

What You Need:

For each sandwich

2 Pizzella cookies

1/3 cup of ice cream

2 tea­spoons of mini choco­late chips

How To Put It Together:

Let your ice cream soften just enough so it is easy to press between your cook­ies.  I find once it start­ing to melt but is still fairly easy to keep in a scoop that is the per­fect level of soft­ened ice cream.  Once you scoop it just place it on the plain side of the cookie, leav­ing the dec­o­ra­tive waf­fle cookie side down.  Then place the other cookie on top, with the dec­o­ra­tive waf­fle side show­ing to you.

Caveat: You can always go up to 1/2 cup of ice cream and 1 table­spoon of mini choco­late chips if you want.  A serv­ing of ice cream is 1/2 cup so you are still hav­ing only a serv­ing with a 1/2 cup.

Also, play with chang­ing up the ice cream! I love a good espresso ice cream with these. If you are really want­ing to go deca­dent for a spe­cial treat the addi­tion of a very thin layer of Nutella on the cookie before adding the ice cream is perfect.

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1 Lola Maker June 20, 2012 at 3:27 pm

Wow those look delicious. I have tried out quite a few pizzelle makers. Long story, lol.

There are soo many fun recipes for different types. You are really missing out!

Going to go home and try some of these for desert. Thanks for sharing!


2 meleah rebeccah June 24, 2012 at 2:45 pm

uh…. yes, please!!


3 faemom June 27, 2012 at 2:35 am

I’m calling my mom tomorrow about this. We make pizzelles for Christmas. Now we’ll have a reason to make them during the summer. Thank you!


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