Put It On The List

by beth on December 6, 2012

“Me want that!!”

I can hear the shouts of my preschooler rise over every­thing else going on in the house. As I look over at him, I can see his hands wav­ing in excite­ment and then I can hear his lit­tle voice squeal­ing in delight at yet another toy he sees in the toy cat­a­log that arrived.

Next it’s his older sib­lings turn each point­ing to a new item, page after page after page. Even the Baby Girl got in on the action.

“Mommy, please?! Please?! Please? Can we get these?”

My answer is always the same: “I will put it on the list.”

See I have devel­oped the never end­ing list of requests. It con­tains every­thing from toys to space suits to a space flight {oddly enough the suit request had noth­ing to do with the flight} to scal­ing moun­tains at the age of 12 {an appar­ent plan of my old­est, who mind you is afraid of heights cur­rently} to never hav­ing to eat any beets. I am sure by now if I actu­ally wrote it all done the list would go for miles upon miles and then some.

I also await the day when one of the kids asks me to see the list. To which I will have to answer “Hmmm…I will have to put writ­ing the list on the list.”

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