Detoxing By Default

by beth on January 24, 2013

At the start of the year I con­sid­ered a detox. For like a hot minute, then I real­ized I would just con­tinue to eat well, get more rest and take time to care for my health. You know con­tinue with the mas­ter plan of reclaim­ing my health! A plan for life. So I can grow old, gray and active. Con­tin­u­ing with mak­ing small but longterm lifestyle changes like I have been.

Then I woke up this week­end feel­ing worn out, run down and not myself. By Sat­ur­day after­noon I was expe­ri­enc­ing the full blown flu. Turns out the flu pro­vided me a detox by default. It was unpleas­ant to put it mildly. It felt like a truck ran me down, and backed over me. Again and again. So yah, fun times.

I am just now feel­ing myself today, some­what. I still feel tired and have been rest­ing. A lot. The kids have also been down for the count, as all but one child has been sick. And Mike, good old hus­band of mine, well he was the start of the whole expe­ri­ence last week. As a result we have all been rest­ing, drink­ing plenty of flu­ids and nurs­ing back to health.

It has been an odd time of fam­ily bond­ing. Com­plete with the chills and soup. Per­son­ally, I would have pre­ferred a beach vaca­tion. Because while I love soup, every­thing else has been less than ideal. Plus with a beach vaca­tion there is sun and fun drinks they serve in coconuts! Oh well, next time. Until then more rest.

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1 Kerri January 24, 2013 at 2:32 pm

So sorry you have all been sick. :( Hope things are starting to look up.


2 beth January 24, 2013 at 10:18 pm

Thanks Kerri. It has not been fun for sure. I am hoping this means we will be spared the rest of winter from the rest of the stuff going around.


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