Gangnam Style Baby Helps Anxiety

by beth on February 9, 2013

My anx­i­ety has been out of con­trol the last 2 days. More so than other days. No idea why. Except that it is. A lack of vanilla to make cook­ies for a Scout ban­quet set me off yes­ter­day. Because obvi­ously no vanilla until after 5 p.m. (when my hus­band would bring a brand spank­ing new bot­tle of vanilla that he went out of his way to pick up for me at the store on his way home) was ZOMG! End of the WORLD!!

It sucks more when log­i­cally I know there is no rea­son to feel anx­ious, no rea­son to panic and no rea­son to get worked up over noth­ing. But yet I still feel over­whelmed and pan­icked by the mas­sive wave of anx­i­ety that comes over me. I hate anx­i­ety. I hate that hat­ing anx­i­ety only makes it worse.

Any­way, when I am feel­ing super anx­ious some sweet, silly and totally non-anxiety pro­duc­ing activ­i­ties are what I crave. Enter gang­nam style baby. I love that this kid can sleep through any­thing but gang­nam style. I love that when my kids saw this they all started to laugh like the big sis­ter with glee and pure joy at so much excite­ment. I love that for a brief minute I could sim­ply laugh and feel the wave sub­side until it crashes again.

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1 Colleen February 12, 2013 at 1:49 am

What a funny video! I am so sorry about the anxiety. It’s so awful! And it just seems so pointless when there is really nothing to be overwhelmed or anxious about. I had a lot of stress over this a few months ago, and getting pregnant seemed to have fixed my anxiety (which for me is totally hormone-related!), but that’s not exactly an awesome long-term solution for controlling it!


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