Doesn’t Get Knock, Knock Jokes

by beth on September 30, 2013

While dri­ving in the van the other day, tak­ing D-man to Preschool, he and the Miss Tod­dler Girl tried telling me knock knock jokes. They went some­thing like this:

Knock, knock!

Whose there?


Mommy, who?

Mommy, Loves Me!


Mommy that’s YOU!

Either they don’t quite get knock knock jokes or I am not get­ting it.

It felt a lot like this commercial.

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1 Mickey October 1, 2013 at 5:34 pm

I just love those commercials. My teenage daughter tried to tell my husband a perfectly innocent joke the other day- I had to explain it to him several times. He didn’t get it, because he expected her to try and tell a joke she shouldn’t be telling (as she would normally try to do.)


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