About Me


Hi! I am Beth.

This is my blog.

I am writ­ing the story of my life.

I’m a newly thirty-something Catholic mar­ried momma to 5 of the most amaz­ing kids in this world. Yes, I think they are the most amaz­ing. Why? I am their mother. To me they are the world.

In the mix are 3 boys and 2 girls. Here at Casa de Con­fu­sion they’re known as: Mr. J, Mr. G, Mamacita, D-man, & Lit­tle Miss.

I’m more than out-numbered on a daily basis. And I like it. I am a wild one like that.

My hus­band is Mike. He leaves his dirty socks on the liv­ing room floor on a daily basis, but is my best friend regard­less (although I wouldn’t mind if decided to pick up those socks). We have been together since 1997, we met dur­ing our fresh­man year in col­lege. You can read more about how we met and got engaged in a series of blog posts I wrote called “How I Met Your Father.”

He had me at green hair.

I couldn’t resist him.

Turns out.

I love green and I love him.

Now with many polo shirts later we have set­tled into Detroit’s sub­ur­bia. The land of Faygo, Bet­ter Made Potato Chips, the Tigers, Paczki, Coney Dogs & Hope for a Phoenix to Rise from the Ashes.

I’m a soci­ol­o­gist & uni­ver­sity instruc­tor. Usu­ally I teach 3 classes a semes­ter & work on var­i­ous research projects. I love the smell of freshly sharp­ened pen­cils & the Fall Semester.

I’m an urban leg­end. The mar­ried female aca­d­e­mic with five kids who likes to bake cook­ies.

I tell you all this because it may fil­ter through in what I choose to write about & how I tend to over-think every­thing. In fact, I believe that it’s a require­ment if you want to go to grad school to be hope­lessly neu­rotic. And I am hope­lessly neurotic.

I started this blog dur­ing the sum­mer of 2009. While I was in the final throes of grad­u­ate school, writ­ing what seemed like an end­less dis­ser­ta­tion on student-mothers. I just had my 4th baby and was deal­ing with severe post­par­tum depres­sion. Hence a blog to focus on the pos­i­tives while fig­ur­ing out what the heck I am doing in my life was born! Sounds so dra­matic that way, with the excla­ma­tion point & all.

Since then I’ve fin­ished my PhD in soci­ol­ogy, have man­aged to tell PPD that we are over ( in fact PPD can SUCK IT) and grad­u­ated Decem­ber 2009.

But I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

All I really want to do is take in the moments.

I am work­ing on liv­ing more inten­tion­ally, more present and focus­ing on what is good (or at least try­ing!). I am a work in progress.

Other things about me…

I love hear­ing the pitter-patter of feet, watch Real­ity TV for fun but lie and say it’s for cul­tural research, I’m los­ing the bat­tle against my wry sense of humor, would die with­out cheese and believe the world needs wine & real butter.

Hope you enjoy,



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