Bacon Infused Jameson

by beth July 14, 2013

What could be bet­ter than bacon infused Jame­son? I mean come on peo­ple?! It has two of God’s great­est cre­ations bacon AND whiskey. It is also the world’s eas­i­est way to add bacon to whiskey. What You Need:: Crispy Bacon Booze I know super com­pli­cated, right? How To Put It Together:: One slice of cooked, crispy […]

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Classic Waffle

by beth November 9, 2012

We have been on a waf­fle kick for­ever in my house and recently we finally added a waf­fle maker to that kick. Now we have bro­ken our depen­dence on the store bought waf­fles and have become waf­fle inde­pen­dent with an amaz­ingly sim­ple waf­fle recipe. Our waf­fle mon­sters at home love hav­ing home­made waf­fles and we […]

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Simple Rice Pudding

by beth August 27, 2012

I love rice pud­ding. It is a com­fort food that every time I eat it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Plus it tastes good.  Oh so good. And it turns out the rest of my fam­ily enjoys a good bowl of rice pud­ding too. So when the mood sud­denly hit last week […]

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