Night Out Style & More Blogher TV

by beth May 8, 2013

I have been play­ing more with Polyvore. I went on eons ago and signed up. But after a short time on the site I was over­whelmed and stopped. Stopped cold. Still I have decided to try it again. After a cou­ple more attempts I find that I may be get­ting the hang of it. We’ll see. […]

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Spring Inspiration, Blogher TV & A Chance to Win Cash!

by beth April 10, 2013

Regard­less of what voodoo that Punx­sutawney Phil has tried to pull spring is tech­ni­cally here and I hold out hope that soon it will feel like spring out­side. As a result I am going to act like it is warm and sunny out my door by check­ing out cute spring looks that I can rock. […]

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Sideways Cross Necklaces

by beth March 27, 2013

I really love the look of these cross neck­laces. Have you seen them lately? They seem to be pop­ping every­where. I like how they sit on the body. I  like that I could wear this look with­out it draw­ing exces­sive atten­tion to my chest. I like that it appears to look good being worn at […]

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