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Hi, I’m Beth.  Wel­come to my cor­ner of the series of tubes called the internets.

My email is beth [at] the­con­fused­home­maker [dot] com

I love con­nect­ing to peo­ple. I appre­ci­ate every­one who hangs out here at The Con­fused Home­maker read­ing about fam­ily, moth­er­hood, life, food, & home­mak­ing.  I really enjoy writ­ing here, more than I enjoy cheese.  That says a lot because I believe with­out cheese I’d die.  I’m seri­ous.  You’d find me in a ball, curled up some­where, hav­ing died from cheese with­drawal. I’d also go through with­draw from not writ­ing, like, totally for reals.

If you are inter­ested in adver­tis­ing on this site, please email me to dis­cuss this fur­ther.   How­ever, please note that I do not pro­vide hid­den “in post” links or other hid­den links to sites as a form of adver­tis­ing don’t email me to ask if I will do this for you.  Ads would be clearly marked as such.  All prod­ucts I write about are things I find, use or gen­er­ally am sali­vat­ing over.  If I were given a prod­uct from a com­pany it would be clearly marked as such.

I do cur­rently par­tic­i­pate as an Ama­zon affil­i­ate, I earn a small per­cent­age on items you pur­chase if you click those Ama­zon links any­where in my blog and buy some­thing dur­ing your shop­ping trip. How­ever, all books or other items linked are ones I enjoy and I would have linked to anyway.


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