Doesn’t Get Knock, Knock Jokes

by beth on September 30, 2013

While dri­ving in the van the other day, tak­ing D-man to Preschool, he and the Miss Tod­dler Girl tried telling me knock knock jokes. They went some­thing like this:

Knock, knock!

Whose there?


Mommy, who?

Mommy, Loves Me!


Mommy that’s YOU!

Either they don’t quite get knock knock jokes or I am not get­ting it.

It felt a lot like this commercial.


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Breaking Over Thinking

by beth on September 27, 2013


Since I am real­iz­ing I need to break the process of over think­ing and enjoy the moments in my life more I have cre­ated some guide­lines for myself.

1. Enjoy the Quiet
2. Lis­ten More
3. Breathe Deep
4. Laugh, Laugh & Then Laugh Some More
5. Eat Well
6. Accept Myself As I Accept Oth­ers
7. Count My Bless­ings
8. Stop Com­plain­ing
9. Just Do It


And I am pretty sure that cre­at­ing guide­lines on how NOT to over think isn’t at all over think­ing the process of NOT over think­ing is it?

Oh wait…



Praying Mantis

by beth on September 20, 2013


The kids found this lit­tle crea­ture out­side our front door after we arrived back home from school this week. They were so excited to find it and as a result the find sparked an entire learn­ing adven­ture. And thanks to Google we were able to gather a lot of infor­ma­tion on the pray­ing man­tis. We looked up and read all about the pray­ing man­tis, includ­ing what kind it was (the kids decided it was most likely a Chi­nese pray­ing man­tis based on the research since it has brown on it). We also learned that the pray­ing man­tis was intro­duced into Michi­gan by gar­den­ers to remove harm­ful bugs and they are usu­ally spot­ted out­doors in Autumn. It was also about the size of Mr. J’s hand.

And as an aside: It was my first time see­ing one in per­son out­doors. The way it moved its head was very sur­real. Looked almost like a robot turn­ing. Very cool.

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