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by beth on May 8, 2013

I have been play­ing more with Polyvore. I went on eons ago and signed up. But after a short time on the site I was over­whelmed and stopped. Stopped cold. Still I have decided to try it again. After a cou­ple more attempts I find that I may be get­ting the hang of it.

We’ll see.

It takes a lot of time to sift through var­i­ous items and cre­ate a look. It may take oth­ers less time, but I am painfully slow at deci­sions that are incon­se­quen­tial to life such as which san­dals to pair with a maxi {that I am not even buy­ing but merely using as inspi­ra­tion}. Oddly enough though I am an impul­sive deci­sion maker on major things {like what house to buy}. I blame the media. Why not? The infa­mous “they” are blamed for every­thing else.

Anyway…while play­ing around I put this out­fit together. It keeps with a lot of same bold and bright col­ors I loved in my every­day out­fit I cre­ated for Spring. It also brings some of that boho chic vibe that I am in love with right now. I thought it would be a great look for going out for a nice date night, a Spring or Sum­mer wed­ding or one of the many cel­e­bra­tions that go on this time of year that require com­fort and a lit­tle more style than jeans or yoga pants {my usual fall-backs}.

Dress Up

Cot­ton dress / Nine West san­dals / DKNY hand­bag / Stella & Dot pave jew­elry / Stella & Dot


After see­ing this video I think I would use this hair­style as inspi­ra­tion for a soft and relaxed up-do with the above look. My hair is more of a medium length, so I couldn’t cre­ate the “exact same” look but really check­ing out hair­styles, clothes and style in gen­eral is all about inspi­ra­tion. Take what we like and make it our own.

By the way, watch the video and at the end you will have the oppor­tu­nity to enter to win one of three cash prizes.

Addi­tional FYI, in case you for­got from the pre­vi­ous post, this pro­mo­tion will have three lucky win­ners cho­sen each week! The Grand Prize viewer will win a $250 Visa Gift Card with two other win­ners receiv­ing a $100 Visa Gift Card. Per­fect for get­ting ready for Spring and before we know it Summer!

For all of the details on the Prizes and Pro­mo­tions, please click here. And for the Offi­cial Rules, visit this page to learn all about the pro­mo­tion and how you can win up to $250.


Dis­claimer: I am par­tic­i­pat­ing in an Olay BlogHer TV cam­paign. I am being com­pen­sated for this post. How­ever, all the thoughts and opin­ions expressed are my own.


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Body & Blood

by beth on May 3, 2013


Soul & Divinity.

Mr. G is mak­ing his First Holy Com­mu­nion. He is so excited. A lit­tle ner­vous too, given it will be a lit­tle dif­fer­ent than a “nor­mal” Mass. He gets a lit­tle uneasy with change. Now, is is NOT very dif­fer­ent, but he will walk in & out with the other first com­mu­ni­cants and obvi­ously the recep­tion of the Eucharist is a big dif­fer­ence for him!

He has been ask­ing to receive Jesus (we Catholics believe in the lit­eral pres­ence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist) every Sun­day for years, this is a beau­ti­ful moment and he told me he doesn’t want to mess up. He is so sweet. Truly a sweet­heart. So to help him feel more at ease with the minor changes we have prac­ticed with him what to do, how to receive and how to relax.

He will do great.

I am sure the day of he will be able to com­pletely focus on the joy of the gift he is receiving.

Too bad there is no relax­ation for us adults today.

We have been try­ing to orga­nize, clean up and get the house and yard ready for peo­ple to come over and enjoy some time together. Unfor­tu­nately between my end of semes­ter wrap up and start of the sum­mer semes­ter prep, lots of kid activ­i­ties, Mike’s busier sched­ule and ter­ri­ble weather in April we have been woe­fully behind our ideal sched­ule. Oh well.

What can we do now?

For starters I can get back to work.



Daddy Goes Sonic Screwdriver

by beth on April 22, 2013

“Go ask Daddy! Ask him!”

“No, you ask!”

The sounds of whis­pered excite­ment of a back forth on who would ask, an appar­ently, very impor­tant ques­tion of Daddy was going on between D-man and Mamacita. The con­tin­uted nego­ti­a­tion floated into the hall­way out­side the bath­room door. Mike and I stood there won­der­ing what they needed that caused so much deci­sion mak­ing. And usu­ally when you hear whis­pers of a plan hatch­ing as a par­ent you begin to won­der what chaos may be wait­ing to unfold.

But we only needed to wait a minute longer before we knew was all the whis­pered com­mo­tion was about. From the kitchen came run­ning D-man, with his eyes big he looked at Mike’s tool­box which was sit­ting out from the work he was doing on the bath­room. Turns out his ques­tion didn’t cause chaos but a level of sweet­ness that melted both of our hearts.

He looked around the tool­box and then up at his Daddy, took a big breath, and asked in a very seri­ous manner…

“Daddy, can we use your sonic screw­driver? Please?”

Mike smiled and answered him back:

“Buddy, I don’t have one, it’s Doc­tor Who on TV who has a sonic screw­driver not Daddy.”

D-man looked con­fused and said “But Daddy you can do any­thing. And you can fix any­thing. If Doc­tor Who have a sonic screw­driver than you do too!”

It was too sweet. He was so earnest in his belief of a hid­den sonic screw­driver & in his belief that Daddy can do anything.

Mike bent down to his level, with a huge smile and explained it doesn’t work that way. But D-man was very, very con­fused by the whole thing now because in his mind Daddy is big­ger than Doc­tor Who. And if Doc­tor Who gets to have a sonic screw­driver than it only makes sense Daddy would too.

D-man walked to the kitchen table where his big sis­ter waited for the news. We lis­tened as he told her what had hap­pened. Mamacita shared his confusion,she couldn’t believe it either. And we heard her say to him “That doesn’t make any sense! Not at all, because if any­one should have a sonic screw­driver it’s OUR Daddy. He can do anything!”

And BOOM! The sweet­ness multiplied.

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